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Rotary cum DTH Rig

Rotary cum DTH RigRotary cum DTH Rig

Technical Specifications of BEAVER 650 DRILLING RIG MOUNTED ON LCV:
Capacity of drilling
Dia  6" to 8" bore hole to a depth of 1500 ft. under favourable drilling conditions.
Type of Drilling
Rotary cum DTH
Prime mover of the hydraulic Pumps used
Truck Engine/Deck Engine
Hydraulic Pumps used
Gear Type/Piston Type
Maximum operating pressure
270 Bar
Hydraulic oil Tank Capacity
600 Ltrs.
Suitable to handle 20 ft. rod
Mast Construction
Box Type Structure
Centralizer opening
270 mm
Pull up Force
13500 Kg
Pull Down Force
6700 Kg
Note: Due to the continuous development, all the above specifications are subject to change
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